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 <​code>​.du4.cesnet.cz = EINFRA-SERVICES</​code>​ <​code>​.du4.cesnet.cz = EINFRA-SERVICES</​code>​
 +=== Issue with connecting NFS via Kerberos ticket ===
 +__Problem description:​__
 +I tried to connect via NFS protocol, but I've got following error report.
 +<​code>​mount.nfs:​ Network is unreachable</​code>​
 +The issue is caused by failed startup **rpc-gssd** service, see the service status:
 +<​code>​systemctl status rpc-gssd</​code>​
 +<​code>​Condition:​ start condition failed at Thu 2018-05-06 06:12:22 CET; 20s ago
 +           ​└─ ConditionPathExists=/​etc/​krb5.keytab was not met</​code>​
 +To resolve this issue, you can create empty file in the /etc folder via following command:
 +<​code>​touch /​etc/​krb5.keytab</​code>​
 +Now you can restart **rpc-gssd** service and remount your storage.
 ==== FileSender ==== ==== FileSender ====
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