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 src="​https://​du.cesnet.cz/​lib/​images/​rss.png"​ alt="​News RSS feed" width="​25"​ height="​25"></​a></​html>​ src="​https://​du.cesnet.cz/​lib/​images/​rss.png"​ alt="​News RSS feed" width="​25"​ height="​25"></​a></​html>​
-===== Jihlava storage facility unexpected ​outage - 104. 2019 =====+/* 
 +===== Ostrava tape library ​outage - 199. 2019 =====
-**Update ​2:30pm**: Jihlava ​storage facility ​(du2.cesnet.cz,​ jihlava2-archive in MetaCentrum) ​is back in operation.+**Update ​3:05pm**: Ostrava ​storage facility is back in operation.
-Due to power generator failure ​in JihlavaJihlava ​storage facility (du2.cesnet.cz, ​jihlava2-archive in MetaCentrum) had to be shut down. Currently, we have no detailed information on recovery time estimatesWe'll keep you informed.+Tape library of the Ostrava storage facility (du4.cesnet.cz,​ ostrava2-archive,​ /​storage/​du-cesnet in MetaCentrum) is out of order on 19 September 2019 between 9AM and about 3PM. Data stored only on tapes are not accessible and forced migration to tapes is not possible as well. Files stored on disk arrays are normally available. Data can be uploaded to the facility normally as well. FileSender and ownCloud services are not impacted by the outage. System supplier is performing necessary repair and maintenance work. We apologise for the inconvenience. 
 +===== Ostrava storage facility, unexpected outage of the Data Center - 21. 6. 2019 ===== 
 +**Update 3:55pm**: Ostrava storage facility (incl. FileSender and ownCloud) is back in operation. 
 +Due to operational reasons had to be Ostrava storage facility (du4.cesnet.cz,​ ostrava2-archive ​in MetaCentrum) shut down. The outage include ownCloud and FileSender services as well. We will keep you informed about current state. 
 +===== Ostrava storage facilityunexpected outage of the tape library - 20. 6. 2019 ===== 
 +**Update 5:00pm**: Ostrava ​storage facility (du4.cesnet.cz, ​ostrava2-archive in MetaCentrum) is back in operation. 
 +Due to tape library failure in Ostrava storage facility (du4.cesnet.cz,​ ostrava2-archive in MetaCentrum) had the tape library ​to be shut down. The data center is still accessibleHowever in case that your data are migrated to the tape library, there won't occure migration back to the disk tier. That can cause I/O errors
 We apologise of the inconvenience. We apologise of the inconvenience.
 ===== ownCloud & FileSender services are back in operation - 1. 4. 2019 ===== ===== ownCloud & FileSender services are back in operation - 1. 4. 2019 =====
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