CESNET Storage Department

Storage department operates and develops data storage facilities and services as parts of the national e-infrastructure.

For whom the services are intended

The storage service can be used for research purposes, mainly by academic staff and students of research institutions in the Czech Republic. Users as well as infrastructure operator are required to follow the Terms of Service.

Data storage services are certified compliant with information security management system standard ČSN EN ISO/IEC 27001:2014.

What we offer

  • Environment for backup – for users who want to secure their data in case of their own storage breakdown.
  • Environment for archiving – for storing volumes of data that are not accessed very often, e.g. data from finished experiments.
  • Environment for data sharing – for sharing data among distributed user groups.
  • Data storage for special applications.
  • Data access using file protocols (e.g. NFSv4, FTP, rsync, SCP)
  • Grid storage element (dCache)
  • FileSender – service for (large) file exchange.
  • ownCloud - data management service for sync & share data across devices.
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