In GNU/Linux you can use program scp (command line tool) for copying files between local station and server - it is very simple to use.

IPv4 addresses of access servers (hosts) for each data center are:

Ostrava ssh.du4.cesnet.cz
Jihlava ssh.du5.cesnet.cz

IPv6 addresses of access servers (hosts) for each data center are:

Ostrava ssh6.du4.cesnet.cz

Services using IPv6 addresses are currently in testing mode.

During the login process is very important to check if fingerprint of server is valid. To verify server please use fingerprints below. All servers in one datacenter have the same RSA, DSA and ECDSA key.

Ostrava data center (du4):

RSA, SHA256 (du4) LP7QxtJN257nb4gI8JutEwbrplx+MwdrwBtkhovQl+U
ECDSA, SHA256 (du4) 9YvWE2h459dMcLWcLcD1DsrxTjqqMLD16eiSYXBVX9k
ECDSA, MD5 (du4) 23:f8:17:39:9e:18:4e:dc:bb:4a:b6:04:1c:f5:74:de

Jihlava data center (du5):

RSA, MD5 (du5) 4f:b3:b2:31:aa:30:f1:6f:bc:58:4f:2d:39:e7:85:26
RSA, SHA256 (du5) lIJzpmmnnCQReVAaVom/jkZ1hUNWe/4nnbAl58liJbI
ECDSA, MD5 (du5) d1:72:10:45:5b:3b:ac:c6:ae:e8:32:3b:1c:c3:3e:69
ECDSA, SHA256 (du5) YB7YnmuMktwsFxVe5qdzy2bLU9y+0yowEcpZp82P4nk

If the key does not match, stop connecting to the server and contact us at: support@cesnet.cz

When you are copying a file you can use the command:

scp file user@server:~/

After the data was send rsync will wait for password and then copy the file to the user's home directory.

When you want to copy a directory you have to add the “-r”.

scp -r adresar uzivatel@server:~/

When you are copying data from the server you only swap the order of source and destination:

scp -r user@server:~/path_on_server /local/directory/where/we/will/save/data/ 
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