VO Storage

Due to the abandonment of filesystem storage and the transition to object storage built on CEPH technology, we are terminating the VO Storage service, which is being replaced by the new S3 Storage.
VO Storage is virtual organization unit, which we provide for user, who use data storage only as personal storage, they don't need sharing capability or they just want to try out the provided storage. 2000 GB of backup and 500 GB of archive storage is provided for each user. For more details about the backup/archive storage please visit the Term of Service.

To create account in VO Storage, you need to have an account in federation of identities eduID.cz.

Summary of used protocols and services can be found here - VO Storage accounts are always created in Ostrava data center, so you have to use appropriate addresses:

Please stop using VO Storage and register via S3 Storage
If the VO Storage is not enough for you (e.g. you need more space, you want to share data with your colleagues, etc.), we can create your own VO according to your need. Feel free to contact us at support(at)cesnet.cz.
Last modified:: 21.05.2024 10:54