Object storage

As the name promises, object storages are different from common data storages with file systems. Object storage stores data as objects not as data blocks in the case of common file systems. Metadata are associated directly with a particular object. It eliminates the need for a hierarchical structure used in common file systems. So everything is stored in a flat namespace that is easily scalable.

Advantages of object storage

  • It can work very well with large data volume.
  • It has high throughput for writing/reading.
  • It has ability to create replicas (including geographical ones).
  • It checks data consistency. In case of corrupted data it can automatically make the recovery from another replica.
To request the data storage capacity please contact us at support(at)cesnet.cz. Please specify the planned purpose of such data storage (archive, backups etc.). For further processing also specify the expected quota.

Provided object storage services


CESNET S3 is a standard service provided for regular users who need “smaller” space to store their data.Connection and configuration of CESNET S3.


CESNET RBD is a service based on object storage operated on Ceph technology. CESNET RBD (RADOS Block Device) stores block device images as objects in object storage system. The CESNET RBD service is intended for users demanding to store non-trivial volume of data. Also for users who prefer to connect the storage as a native block device.Connection and configuration of CESNET RBD.

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