Collaborative editing of a documents under ownCloud service

This guide provides you with an elementary knowledge base for collaborative editing of documents using ONLYOFFICE tools.

Group sharing in ownCloud

If you want to share your folder/documents via group share in ownCloud you need to define the desired group. OwnCloud utilizes groups being defined in the user management system (Perun). It is thus necessary to define the group in Perun. If you have defined the group in Perun already, send us the name of the virtual organization and group name via email du-support@cesnet.cz. We will set it up in our ownCloud. If you don't have your own virtual organization or you have no idea, what is Perun, then send us an email and we will provide you with all the needed information and setup.

If you have the group in Perun you can start to share your files/folders for such a group. Click on the share icon at the desired file/folder. Then you can write the name of the group into the text box. Whispering of the users/groups is by default deactivated due to GDPR. To share your data with a group you need to type the whole name of the group. In general, is the semantics for group naming as follows VO_short_name:group_name, see the screenshot.

Collaborative documents editing with non authorized users

If you need to collaboratively edit the documents with your colleagues who don't have the account in CESNET ownCloud you need to create a weblink (who knows the link and password, has the access). Web sharing can be set up in sharing section, see the screenshot. For collaborative editing is necessary to set up the share for the whole folder with the documents. If you set the sharing only for particular documents the collaborative editing won't work.

We strongly recommend setting up the password for weblinks.

Last modified:: 07.10.2021 15:44