Delete user

Please do not use functions provided by the system Perun which are not described in this guide. Doing so may destroy the structure of your managed VO. We are preparing more intuitive user interface.

Enter the following address into your browser: https://einfra.cesnet.cz/fed/gui/

You will see a page where you select your organization and confirm it by pressing the “Select”.

Type your login and password after and that select “Login”. After you successfully log in, you will see the dashboard of Perun as shown below. Here you have a list of VO which you are a member or administrator. Click on the VO which the user is member.

Choose “Members” ine the left menu.

Find the user you want to remove from VO by entering the name into the search box and press “Search”.

You will get a list of users that fit your search conditions.

From the list of users select the correct one and remove him by button “Remove”.

Confirm the deletion from teh VO by using “OK”.

If remove the user was successfuly you will get the following message “Member: $ID deleted!” where $ID is user's unique identifier.

All done. You can log out from Perun now.

Last modified:: 12.10.2017 16:43