Approval user

This manual includes instructions for this use-case only. If you use other instructions you can cause unwanted functioning of system.
  • When the user will apply for membership in the VO under your administration, you will receive an email with similar structure like the example in the end of this page. There you can find links, which will redirect you to the webpage with detail info about requesting user. Please choose the link with preferred login option and then log in to the Perun system. Now you can Approve/Reject the user application.
  • In the Applications bookmark you can see all submitted applications. It is also possible to sort the applications by the status, just click at the scrolling menu next to the State label.

  • After clicking on certain application and its check, you can approve it by clicking at Approve button, or you can reject it by clicking at Reject button.

All changes made in the Perun system will be active in one hour. Thus executed changes are not immediate!!!
  • Notification email with info about new application and show instruction can have similar structure like following text:
Dear administrator,

new application for VO xzy was created under ID=46456457 by user: UVW,

Application detail with all user submitted data where you can 
approve / reject application:


If there was any error during application creation, information

Your NGI Perun management team 
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