User support

Before submitting a request, check it if you can find the answer to your question on the FAQ page.


The primary contact for solving the majority of problems tied to data storage operation is the address support(at)cesnet.cz. You can use the address for any comments, suggestions, technical issues as well as questions of technical manner targeted for system administrators.

RT system

All the correspondence received on e-mail address mentioned above is recorded in RT (Request Tracker) system, which creates a ticket and assigns an Id number to it.

The author of the e-mail and all people in data storage responsible for resolving users' problems are notified about the ticket creation by e-mail. Ticket Id will show up in the subjects of all e-mails referring to given ticket, eg. [DU #12345]. All e-mails are sorted by this ticket Id, therefore please preserve this identification in the subject of the e-mail, when replying to question of data storage staff.

When the ticket is resolved, the author is notified by e-mail about the resolution. Any other question will cause the ticket to open again.

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