Your own virtual organization (VO)

Virtual organization (further only VO) serves primarily a group of members, who participate in some research project or are members of one organization. The reason for utilizing own VO and not VO Storage can be limited data quota provided by basic account in VO Storage or some VO members need to share data between each other. Each own VO has a manager (or more managers) from the VO member group. VO manager can create groups and control the membership. Special kind of account could be service user account, which allows backup apps and scripts to access your data storage.

For registration of own VO and to register for membership in VO, in most cases it is necessary to have an account in the federation of identities eduID.cz. For some VOs, it may be legitimate to allow access to people who do not have accounts in the identity federation. In this case, it is possible to use eg myID, Google, Facebook, LinkeIn, ORCID, or github. This circumstance and its reasons must be discussed when establishing a VO, where the appropriate access policy will be set.

List of supported protocols and applications, which are ready to be used to access your data storage.

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